Company Profile

Ah Qi Trading & Construction Pte Ltd

Ah Qi Trading & Construction Pte Ltd (AQTC) was set up in August 2007 by Mr Lee Xiu Qi (Ah Qi), as a roofing and decking works specialist. The company also provides a host of services for the residential and commercial sectors including: general renovation works, project management, landscaping works, parquet floor polishing, as well as the supply and installation of fencing and gates.

The mission of AQTC is to become the premier roofing and decking contractor and to be recognized for
honesty and professionalism. As such, AQTC places particular emphasis on project completion, as the on-time completion of the roof would affect the hand-over date of the entire construction project. The company is also dedicated to providing quality works which are value for money. Hence, AQTC offers budget conscious
proposals to their clients, using their in-depth knowledge of both traditional and new materials. Ah Qi frequently selects materials like timber (Chengai, Balau, Kapur) personally and would arrange for them to be imported directly from their country of origin to give greater cost savings.

Ah Qi shares that he learnt the ins and outs of the construction industry from his father, when he was first
helping out during his school holidays and later working in the family firm. However, he still faced many
challenges when he first struck out on his own. This included a lack of skilled workers, difficulty in getting good and trustworthy suppliers, as well as insufficient contracts. Making use of modern advertisement tools like
internet marketing on third party sites, AQTC generated public awareness and propelled market breakthrough. Being committed to outstanding customer service, AQTC has since built up a strong client base over the years through word-by-mouth referrals.

“Roofing doctor” Ah Qi has received the Successful Entrepreneur 2009 (Platinum category) award and the Asia Excellence Award 2013. He constantly strives to increase his skill and knowledge base, so as to provide better products and services to his clients. One such product is a premium grade of polycarbonate roofing sheets, suitable for retail use. He also considers every project as a challenge – seeking to complete and hand-over all projects handled by Ah Qi Trading & Construction Pte Ltd to satisfied clients